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Kavya Madhavan Blue film hoax with hot photos

March 10, 2010 11:10 AM IST

Tags:Kavya Madhavan Blue film hoax with hot photos

Yet another Tamil actress is caught in a blue film scandal. This time it is the talented Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan. It is widespread scandal that the Kavya Madhavan's Blue film is now in hot circulation and it has also made it on to the internet. What a bunch of losers who have no other good thing to do?

Kavya Madhavan is acting in both Malayalam and Tamil films . This beautiful girl was reportedly trapped by a fake swamiji in Kerala recently.
The fake swamiji, a management graduate, lured several girls in the name of special puja. He is reported to have sedated them and then filmed them in the nude and in compromising positions.
Is Tamil actress Kavya Madhavan's blue film scandal a complete hoax done to destroy her career?
Along with Tamil actress Kavya, another senior actress is also reported to have visited the swamiji and taken part in special puja. It is however not clear if the video in circulation is genuine or the hot pictures of Kavya Madhavan has been morphed.
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Kavya Madhavan, Malayalam Actress, has incurred controversy as her name has come in investigations into the illegal activities of a self-proclaimed swamy in Kerala. The self-proclaimed Swami, who is a management graduate, was arrested by the police after a number of female devotees complained that they were drugged in the ashram of the Swamy and then under the influence of drugs they were made to act in blue films
. It is being said that some popular film and TV actresses are also victims of swamy in this blue film racquet. The name of Kavya Madhavan is also coming into light but it is very early to say anything unless the truth comes out.
Kavya Madhavan the leading Malayalam actress recently tries to committed suicide for a scandalous issue with Swamiji came back for acting strongly for films. She is a successful actress in South Indian cinema and she was rumored with Blue film nude clips with Swamiji. More than this there were also buzzes that there were some bluefilm gallery circulating in net.
It was some of the cheap money makers using this kind of situation in a great manner and making the actress in trouble. Hope her acting career will not affect these kind of rumors and her success in film continues!
There were issues that the Malayalam leading actress Kavya Madhavan is being the Hot Mallu Masala for a half nude Pooja Scandal with Swamiji. For this scandal she has been attempted suicide. The sources from Kavya Madhavan reported that she had attempted suicide on Saturday Night June14. After hearing some gossips from various sources for performing various Poojas with Swamiji without any clothes and these videos were hit the internet and MMS.
Kavya when hearing the news of the scandal she was disturbed and attempted suicide. Her family members blocked Kavya from Suicide. The story of the nude clips was on fire when the well-known Swamiji was arrested in Kerala. There were number of leading heroines visited Swamiji for Poojas. It was Kavya Madhavan tops the list of Swamiji's performed Pooja's. Still the nude clip's of Kavya Madhavan was not yet confirmed. Only those money makers are circulating the buzzes for their own wish.
Kavya Madhavan is one of the top most actresses in Malayalam. She had been in and out in other South Indian industries but soon after the Tamil film Sadhu Miranda she has got plenty of opportunities. Kavya sticking to homely getups, not willing to expose skin. There were rumors the Kavya rejected Telugu film which she offered hot roles against Allari Naresh.
As a second heroine she offered Rs.35Lacs as salary but she rejected because there were a scene in which she has to wear bikini in a scene. Kavya is currently working for the film Madampi in Malayalam to lead the opposite role against Mohanlal. It is good to see an actress not willing to do Bikini characters!
Such a good actress with high values will not fall prey to these so called swamijis and it is just a rumor to destroy her career. Maybe some Kavya Madhavan look alike acted in such a B-grade movie and some crazy people used it to their advantage to make some money out of it.

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